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Audrey Trout

Media and Marketing Manager

Audrey, with her 7 years at Mr Extractor as Media and Marketing Manager, embodies the cutting edge of digital engagement. She’s been the mastermind fine-tuning our online presence, ensuring that our website is not just seen but remembered. Her strategic handling of our analytics and metadata is crafted not merely for search engines but for real people seeking the best in terpene innovation.

In the dynamic arena of social media, Audrey’s tactics are second to none. With an astute grasp of current trends, she brings our brand’s story into the spotlight with relatable and interactive content. Leveraging the latest Artificial Intelligence, she transforms our social media from a platform into a community, engaging users in a way that’s both smart and heartfelt.

Her knack for communication extends into the realm of networking, where Audrey excels in building solid, mutually beneficial partnerships with influencers and other companies. She’s not just talking; she’s engaging, creating conversations that advance our brand and reinforce our industry leadership.

Audrey also delves into the heart of our product line, working closely with the team to develop terpene profiles that set industry benchmarks. Her insight is critical in blending science with sensory experience, ensuring every formulation meets our high standards and our customers’ expectations.

Audrey is more than a manager; she’s a force that drives us towards innovation and excellence. Her comprehensive approach turns complex tasks into triumphs, making our products not just accessible but irresistible to those seeking the gold standard in terpene profiles.

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