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Welcome, Global Terpene Visionaries!

Hello to all the Terpene Pioneers scattered across the globe! Ever dreamt of reaping the same levels of success and prosperity as your American Brothers in the terpene industry? With Mr. Extractor’s international shipping, you’re one step closer to transforming those dreams into reality. Get ready to elevate your business to monumental heights and solidify your name in your country’s burgeoning terpene market.

Welcome, Global Terpene Visionaries!

Hello to all you budding terpene pioneers scattered across the globe! Ever dreamt of reaping the same levels of success and prosperity as your American counterparts in the terpene industry? With Mr. Extractor’s international shipping, you’re one step closer to transforming those dreams into reality. Get ready to elevate your business to monumental heights and solidify your name in your country’s burgeoning terpene market.

Why Mr. Extractor is Your Ultimate Choice for Global Success

Unbeatable Expertise

Let’s get something straight: we don’t just sell terpenes, we invented terpene profiles. Yes, you read that right! With over a decade in the business, we’ve not only mastered the art of creating exceptional products but also the intricate logistics of shipping them worldwide. When you choose Mr. Extractor, you’re opting for an unmatched legacy of innovation and expertise.

Tailor-Made Solutions for Your Unique Challenges

International shipping isn’t a one-size-fits-all scenario, and we get that. Different countries have varied import laws, tariffs, and customs procedures. That’s why we’re committed to providing you with bespoke shipping solutions. Need specialized labels to navigate customs? We’ve got you covered. Worried about exorbitant tariffs? Ask about our unique “off blends,” which allow us to declare a significantly lower value on your customs forms. We adapt to meet your needs.

The Mr. Extractor Assurance

We’re not just making empty promises here. We give you the Mr. Extractor guarantee that your product will reach you—no matter the hurdles. Should your shipment face any custom issues, we will reship it at no additional cost to you. We view each transaction as a partnership. You’re not just another customer; you’re an integral part of our global terpene community.

Shipping: The Backbone of Your Business Success

In the world of international shipping, cutting corners is not an option. While budget constraints are a reality, choosing the cheapest delivery service could spell disaster. We’ve built enduring partnerships with top-tier couriers renowned for their efficiency and high success rates. This ensures that your package isn’t just shipped but is delivered successfully and expediently.

Time to Carve Your Niche in the Global Terpene Marketplace

Picture this: you’re the first in your country to introduce the incredible range of Mr. Extractor terpene products. The buzz is electric, the demand sky-high, and your profit margins? Through the roof. Entrepreneurs in the U.S. have already experienced this surge in business, and there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t achieve the same!

Getting Started: Three Simple Steps

  1. Browse and Select: Head over to our website and peruse our wide array of products. Whether you’re interested in Organic Terpenes, Flavored Terpenes, Hype Terpenes, or Terpene Modifiers, we’ve got something for every palate and purpose.

  2. Consult and Strategize: Call us at 80-Kushbud-0 for a one-on-one consultation. Share your location and any specific challenges you foresee, and we’ll work together to formulate a winning strategy for importing our premium products to your country.

  3. Order and Prosper: Confirm your order, make the payment, and sit back as we set the wheels in motion to deliver your products.

We Proudly Ship Terpenes to:

Canada, Mexico, United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, Israel, Czech Republic, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Uruguay, Colombia, Argentina, South Africa, Brazil, New Zealand, Poland, Greece, Thailand, Italy, the European Union, Southeast Asia, Latin America, Australasia—and more!

Is your country not listed? No worries! We’re always excited to explore new frontiers and would love to work closely with you to make Mr. Extractor accessible in your homeland.


 1. How Do I Order Terpenes for International Shipping?

At Mr. Extractor, ordering terpenes for international shipping is a straightforward process. Simply visit our website, choose from our diverse range of terpene profiles, and then give us a call at 80-Kushbud-0. Our experienced team will discuss the best shipping methods based on your location, whether you’re in Germany, Israel, or anywhere else in the world.

2. What Are the Costs of International Terpene Shipping?

Shipping costs can vary based on your location and the shipping method chosen. But rest assured, we strive to find the most cost-effective and reliable shipping options for your terpenes. Our only goal is to ghet our terpenes to you. We dont make money on shipping and we dont charge handling fees.

3. How Long Does International Terpene Shipping Take?

Shipping times depend on the destination and shipping method. However, we work diligently with trusted couriers to ensure that your terpenes arrive as quickly as possible. Anywhere from 5 days to 3 weeks, approx, complicated custom orders may take extra time to create some on top of that. Simple orders with off the shelf products are quick. 

4. Are There Customs Restrictions on Shipping Terpenes Internationally?

Customs regulations differ by country. Mr. Extractor will work with you to ensure that all necessary documentation and labeling are in place for smooth customs clearance.

5. Can I Track My International Terpene Order?

Absolutely! We provide tracking for all our international terpene orders. You’ll know exactly when to expect your package.

6. Is it Safe to Ship Terpenes Internationally?

Yes, safety is our priority. We package our terpenes securely and work closely with reliable shipping services to ensure your terpenes arrive in perfect condition.

7. What if My International Terpene Order Gets Seized?

We’ll work with you to re-ship your order or find an alternative solution. Our goal is to make sure you receive your terpenes, no matter the obstacle. We replace seized orders, guaranteed.

8. What Payment Methods Are Accepted for International Terpene Orders?

We accept various payment methods to make your international terpene purchase as convenient as possible, including wire transfers, credit cards, and more.

9. Do You Offer Discounts on Bulk International Terpene Orders?

Yes, we do! Bulk orders of our premium terpenes qualify for special discounts. Get in touch to discuss your needs and find out how much you could save.

10. Can I Pay in Cash for International Terpene Orders?

Yes, you can! Give us a call to discuss the details for paying in cash for your international terpene orders. We’re here to ensure a smooth and secure transaction.

11. Are Terpenes Legally Shipped to All Countries?

Laws vary by country, but Mr. Extractor is committed to complying with all international laws and regulations regarding terpene shipping. Right? 

12. Can I Return or Exchange My International Terpene Order?

Our focus is your satisfaction. While international returns are more complicated, we’re willing to discuss options and find a solution that works for you. We want you to be happy, lets build a trusting business relationship where we both profit, with minimal issues.

13. Are There Any Discounts for Bulk Orders?

Yes, at Mr. Extractor, we offer discounts on bulk orders. The more you buy, the more you save. Reach out to our customer service for specific details on how you can maximize your investment in top-quality terpenes.

14. What Payment Methods Do You Accept for International Orders?

Mr. Extractor accepts a variety of payment methods, including Zelle, Wire Transfer, Money Orders, Visa, Mastercard, as well as cash, making it convenient for our international clientele. Give us a call, and we’ll work out a payment solution that’s most convenient for you.

15. How Do You Handle Customs and Import Regulations?

We’re well-versed in navigating through the complexities of international customs and import regulations. From the United Kingdom to Colombia, we’ve got you covered with specialized labeling and discreet packaging that complies with each country’s individual requirements.

16. What is the Mr. Extractor Shipping Guarantee?

We guarantee that your terpene products will reach you, after they have been paid for. In the unlikely event that your order is returned or seized, we will reship the product at no extra cost, providing you have the necessary documentation.

17. How Can I Track My International Order?

Once your payment has been processed and your order is shipped, we’ll provide you with a tracking number. This way, you’ll know exactly when your liquid assets from Mr. Extractor are about to arrive.

18. What if I Face High Tariffs in My Country?

If you’re in a country where high tariffs are an issue, Mr. Extractor offers special “off blends” and large sample sizes at a reduced price. This allows us to declare a lower customs value, saving you money.

19. What Countries Do You Ship To?

Mr. Extractor ships to a variety of countries, including but not limited to Canada, Mexico, European Union countries, Israel, and South Africa. We’re committed to making our products available globally.

20. What Are My Shipping Options?

At Mr. Extractor, we work with reliable couriers known for their swift and successful deliveries. While cheaper options might be tempting, our recommended couriers have a proven track record for a reason. When you call, we will explain your best options.

21. How Do I Apply Discounts for Cash Payments?

For domestic clients looking to benefit from our 20% cash discount, simply place your order and call us to arrange the cash payment. The discount will be applied immediately to your order.

22. Is My Order Confidential and Anonymous?

We take your privacy seriously. For those concerned about leaving a digital footprint, rest assured that Mr. Extractor keeps your information confidential and ensures secure transactions.

How Likely Am I to Have a Problem Shipping Terpenes Internationally?

At Mr. Extractor, honesty isn’t just a policy; it’s a sacred principle. The candid truth is, there’s a pretty good chance you could run into some issues when shipping terpenes across borders. Laws around the globe are far from uniform, and let’s face it, many customs officials don’t even know what terpenes are. Some countries even view them as “illegal-ish,” mainly because they lack a clear understanding of where terpenes fit in the regulatory landscape. But here’s where we shine: when problems arise, we’re on it. You’re not just a customer; you’re a partner in this terpene journey, and your success is our business. So if a hiccup occurs, trust us to handle it—no fuss, no drama. 

Give us a call and lets get this started. Call us between 11am and 5 pm Pacific Standard Time – Dial 1-80-KUSHBUD-0 and let the adventure begin!

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