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Cameron Matsumoto

Chief Lab Tech

Cameron Matsumoto is not only an integral part of Mr. Extractor’s rich history but also a key player in pioneering the development of terpene profiles that have reached millions globally. From the company’s inception, Cameron has been a steadfast presence, climbing the ranks through relentless passion and expertise to emerge as a leading terpene scientist in the industry. His remarkable work has directly touched lives worldwide, introducing a new dimension to the enjoyment of aromatics. Cameron’s distinctive ability to deconstruct and replicate complex fragrances has given him the uncanny skill to create bespoke terpene profiles with an almost alchemical precision. His contributions are at the heart of what makes our products deeply resonant with our customers, enhancing their sensory experience in profound ways.

As a trusted friend and colleague within Mr. Extractor, Cameron has become synonymous with the mastery of flavor and fragrance. His skill set is unique, honed not in classrooms but within the very fabric of our operations, where he has crafted, perfected, and mixed blends that have become staples in homes and businesses alike. His work is an art form, where the science of terpenes is brought to life through intuition, experience, and a rigorous understanding of each component’s potential. Through his extensive involvement in Mr. Extractor’s educational videos, Cameron has helped demystify the complexities of terpene science, making it accessible and engaging for a broad audience. His passion for sharing knowledge has inspired and empowered countless individuals to explore the enchanting world of terpenes.

In the lab, Cameron is a virtuoso, managing a diverse and intricate chemical inventory with the utmost proficiency. His day-to-day responsibilities encompass not just the creation of innovative new profiles on demand but also the meticulous upkeep and blending of our chemical library. This behind-the-scenes wizardry is what allows Mr. Extractor to consistently offer cutting-edge, high-quality products that set industry standards. Cameron Matsumodo’s dedication to his craft has earned him an esteemed place in the annals of a multi-billion-dollar industry, marking him as an invaluable asset to our company and a true hero to those who understand the importance of his work. At Mr. Extractor, we recognize and celebrate Cameron’s extraordinary impact and are profoundly grateful for the depth of character and expertise he brings to our enterprise.

Side Quest: 

 When Cameron isn’t busy concocting revolutionary chemistry in the lab, you’ll find him spinning the decks and electrifying the airwaves of Portland’s music scene. His alter ego as a DJ isn’t just a side quest; it’s a full-blown mission to shake up the world, one beat at a time. Armed with a playlist that can turn a quiet night into a vibrant dance saga, Cameron is the unsung hero of the turntables. In the city where the trees are green and the beats are greener, he’s not just mixing tracks—he’s synthesizing joy. And whether it’s a rooftop rave or an underground club, Cameron’s sessions are like his lab experiments: unpredictable, explosive, and always a hit. So, when the sun sets on the City of Roses, our chemist by day dons his headphones like a crown and becomes the monarch of the mixer, proving that the right melody, like the perfect formula, has the power to transform the world.

Beyond the beakers and bottles, Cameron’s DJ artistry has been brought to life in our in our ‘Loud’ terpene profiles, a tribute to his talent for mixing beats and botanicals alike.


Personal Beginnings and Inspirations

Q: Where were you born and raised? A: I was born in the warm, tropical breezes of Honolulu, which set the stage for my early years. Later, I shifted to Portland, Oregon, where my roots dug deeper. While I treasure the sunny memories of Hawai’i, Portland is where I truly feel at home, despite not being a fan of the chill and rain. The friendships I’ve made here are irreplaceable, though I wouldn’t mind if my next home came with a bit more sunshine.

Childhood Dreams

Q: As a child, what career did you aspire to have? A: As a kid, I had my sights set on pharmacy, intrigued by the intricate dance of medications and their effects. However, a queasy disposition around blood and a fondness for sleep steered me away from the medical field. I’ve always been drawn to the peculiar and fascinating, which, looking back, makes sense considering where my path has led me.

Morning Routines

Q: How do you prefer to start your day? A: I kick off my mornings either with a burst of physical activity or a mental tune-up with daily affirmations. Sometimes I dive into “DJ Homework,” hunting for the perfect track or crafting a new mix. It’s about setting the tone—whether that’s getting my mindset or body on the right track, or indulging in the thrill of musical discovery.

Musical Preferences

Q: What’s your favorite type of music? A: My heart beats to the rhythm of House and Techno, with the energy of club and festival scenes fueling my days. My musical tastes are eclectic, spanning Hawaiian, Reggae, Dancehall, and even a touch of Country—currently captivated by Orville Peck’s refreshing take on the genre. I could talk about my favorite artists all day, but let’s just say they’re the soundtrack of my life.

Comfort Food Choices

Q: What’s your go-to comfort food? A: When it comes to comfort, I turn to the familiar flavors of Japanese street food and Hawaiian classics. Teriyaki plates, katsu curry, and a traditional Hawaiian plate lunch are my sanctuaries of flavor. And even though dairy and I aren’t the best of friends, I can’t resist the timeless charm of a good old-fashioned milkshake.

Hobbies and Passions

Q: What hobbies or interests are you passionate about? A: My decks and production software are where I spend the majority of my free time, channeling my passion into DJing and music production. When I need a break from the beats, I immerse myself in the worlds of video games or roll the dice in a game of Dungeons & Dragons with friends.

Relaxation and Unwinding

Q: How do you unwind after a busy day? A: To decompress, I either scour for new music that could inspire my next DJ set or music production, or I lose myself in the virtual realms of video games.

Hidden Talents

Q: What’s a talent you possess that not many know about? A: Strumming the ukulele is a skill I carry quietly, playing at an intermediate level—it’s a nod to my island origins and a personal joy.

Bucket List Dreams

Q: What’s one experience you’re eager to check off your bucket list? A: Taking center stage at a major EDM festival is the dream—right in the heart of the electric energy, not on the sidelines but in the limelight.

Seasonal Preferences

Q: What’s your favorite season, and why do you favor it? A: Summer without a doubt. It’s Oregon’s annual reward for enduring the lengthy, often dreary, months—it’s the season that makes it all worthwhile.

Aspirations for Mastery

Q: If you could master any skill instantly, what would it be? A: Music production. To translate the symphonies in my mind into reality without the constraints of a learning curve would be incredible.

Daily Rhythms

Q: Are you a morning person or a night owl? A: A night owl through and through. The stillness of the night has always been my time for peak creativity and productivity.

Sports Enthusiasms

Q: Do you have a favorite sport? A: Basketball captivates me both for its athleticism and its artistry—it’s a dance, a battle, and a story all rolled into one.

Personal Traits

Q: How would your friends describe you? A: In just three words—loyal, kind, genuine. These are the cornerstones of how I live and interact with those around me.

Beats in the Streets, Terp Wizard in the Sheets:

Q: Can you outline your primary responsibilities at Mr Extractor and describe your daily routine?
A: As the Chief Lab Technician, my day is dynamic and engaging. It starts with carefully hand filling and bottling our unique terpene blends according to the day’s orders. Once that’s handled, I shift gears to research and development, formulating new terpene profiles and flavors to keep pace with the ever-evolving preferences of our audience. I also make it a point to assist in various departments to broaden my understanding and contribute more holistically to our company’s operations.

Q: What motivated you to join the Mr Extractor team and enter this niche industry?
A: Seeking a complete shift from my previous life’s routine, I joined Mr Extractor to embark on a journey that was anything but mundane. The company provided a fresh landscape that not only required me to think outside the box but to also redefine what the box means altogether, infusing excitement and constant growth into my career.

Q: Is there a particular accomplishment at Mr Extractor that you hold in high regard?
A: I take great pride in having had the opportunity to share my innovative techniques with the team at our renowned Los Angeles location, The Terpene Lab. Knowing that my methods have helped streamline their operations is incredibly fulfilling. Additionally, developing a majority of the new and upcoming flavors and profiles is a testament to my contribution to our company’s future.

Q: How has your role at Mr Extractor grown or changed since you started?
A: I’ve become an integral figure in the development of new flavors and blends, applying my scientific expertise and a keen sense for flavors in ways I never imagined. It turns out having a discerning palate can be a unique asset beyond social settings and I’m leveraging that to contribute to our innovative product line-up.

Q: What feedback from users has been particularly memorable for you?
A: There have been many highlights, but one stands out: I crafted a terpene profile that perfectly encapsulated the flavor of a strain remembered fondly by an elderly gentleman and his late friend. This story, among others, underscores the meaningful impact our work has on people’s lives, adding a touch of joy to their day—something I always strive for.

Q: How do you keep abreast of the rapid changes within the terpene industry?
A: The mantra is simple yet powerful: research. No one is too seasoned to learn something new each day. Dedicating even five minutes to learning can be pivotal, with those small steps accumulating into significant advancements for both myself and the company.

Q: How important is innovation in your work at Mr Extractor?
A: Innovation is the lifeline of my role. Without constantly advancing our profile and flavor blends, we risk falling into obsolescence. In an industry teeming with formidable players, my efforts help keep Mr Extractor a step ahead, ensuring we never settle for being stagnant or unoriginal.

Q: What, in your view, makes Mr Extractor’s products stand out in this competitive industry? A: What truly sets Mr Extractor’s products apart is the originality and authenticity that comes with each blend. As the pioneer of terpene profiles, the depth of experience, the continual innovation, and the dedication to authenticity means every product is crafted with a legacy of industry leadership. We don’t just create; we set the standard for quality and experience, making our offerings not just products but landmarks in the flavor landscape.

Involvement in New Product Development

Q: Have you been involved in the development of new product categories, such as Flavored Terpenes or Hype Terpenes? A: Absolutely. My role has put me at the forefront of our new product lines, such as Flavored Terpenes and Hype Terpenes. My deep involvement means I’ve seen these products evolve from concept to reality. And, without a hint of exaggeration, I can say these are some of the finest offerings we’ve ever introduced. They embody a new era for Mr Extractor, and I’m thrilled to share these innovative and vibrant profiles with our community.

Insight into Mr Extractor’s Product Development

Q: What do you wish customers understood about Mr Extractor’s product offerings? A: I wish our customers could see the incredible amount of thought, care, and meticulous craftsmanship that goes into each of our products. It’s not an overstatement to say that we sometimes deliberate on the details, such as the product names, so intensely that the discussions spill over into the next day. Our dedication to perfection might seem wild, but it’s this level of commitment that ensures our offerings are nothing short of exceptional.

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