MSDS and COA? We Got You!

Megan, Manager at MrExtractor

MSDS and COA Locations: Where Innovation Meets Responsibility

Hey there, flavor explorers and aroma aficionados!  At Mr Extractor, we’re all about pushing the envelope of what’s possible with our terpene profiles. We love dreaming big, creating new, and letting our imaginations run wild. However, alongside our passion for invention and excitement, there’s something else we value deeply: Trust and Safety.

That’s right! While we delight in the joy of creativity and relish in the thrill of crafting something truly unique, we never forget the importance of dotting our i’s and crossing our t’s when it comes to compliance and safety.

Why MSDS and COA?

For every product we offer, we include both an MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) and a COA (Certificate of Authenticity). Why, you ask? Because we understand that your experience should not only be exciting but also secure and transparent.

  • MSDS: Want to know all the safety guidelines and handling precautions for your selected terpene profile? The Material Safety Data Sheet has you covered. It’s the manual to making sure you get the most out of our product, safely and effectively.

  • COA: When you hold a Certificate of Authenticity in your hands, you know you’re getting exactly what you paid for. It verifies the quality and purity of the terpene profiles, offering you full transparency.

How to Access Your MSDS and COA?

Eager to get your hands on these documents? No worries! Accessing them is as easy as pie.  Simply head to our express checkout page where you can sort profiles by name, phenotype, effects, or flavors. One click, and you’ll find the MSDS and COA for your chosen product. You can also find both near the bottom of each individual product page. Just click the main image for any flavor to access the main Product Page: (Click Here For An Example) It’s that straightforward!

A Commitment to Excellence

While we pride ourselves on being the industry pioneers and love to play up the fun aspects of our brand, we never compromise on quality and safety. So, go ahead and dive into our world of delightful profiles, knowing that our commitment to excellence is unwavering. Because at Mr Extractor, we believe that trust isn’t just built on great products but also on being a dependable and transparent brand.

So there you have it! Come for the innovation and stay for the trust. Remember, when you’re with Mr Extractor, you’re not just getting a product; you’re joining a community that values both creativity and accountability.

Ready to start your flavor journey with peace of mind? Let’s do this!

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