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MrExtractor’s Berry Category possesses a variety of different flavor characteristics including blueberry, strawberry, gogi berry, blackberry and more. Ranging from flavorful to mellow this category has perfectly blended berry/kush profiles. Our Berry Terpene Profiles can be blended with Bulk Delta-8, Clear Distillate, Wholesale Extracts and more.
MrExtractor’s Citrus Category is a fresh and fruity blast for the senses. Our terpene profiles were designed with deep citrus notes. These best selling profiles are a perfect balance of a sweet and sour mix that will bring to mind strong smells and flavors of lemons, limes, and oranges. Anything in our Citrus category can be blended with Clear Distillate, Bulk Delta-8, Hemp Extracts and CBD Isolates.
MrExtactor’s Complex Terpenes Category. Our expertly layered profiles are handcrafted to taste exactly the way they smell. With hundreds of hours committed to research and development, these profiles possess intricate characteristics that will make your line stand out. Our complex and exotic profiles can be blended with Clear Delta 8, Wholesale CBD, Distillate and Isolates.
MrExtractor’s Earth Modifier is comparable to rich fresh soil. A strong, deep flavor addition to any blend, this earth modifier will add an interesting layer without overpowering. Our Earth Modifier can be added to any terpene profile and be blended with CBD Extracts, Distillate, Bulk Delta-8 and isolates.
MrExtractor’s Fruity Terpene Category encapsulates the fruity essence of your favorite strains. With notes of citrus, strawberry, blueberry, and grape these award winning terpene profiles are the best selling in the country. These hand-crafted blends are the perfect way to add a fruity flavor to your product line and can be used with Clear Distillate, Delta-8, CBD Isolate and various other extracts.
MrExtactor’s Gassy Category. All profiles in this category will add a burst of strong diesel, danky and pungent flavor to your product line. These loud, gassy profiles pack a punch in both smell and flavor. Our award winning terpene profiles can be blended with Bulk Delta-8, CBD Distillate, Bulk Isolates and various extracts.

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Leading the terpene revolution, Mr. Extractor was the first to invent flavored terpene profiles, which are now replicated and sold by companies like True Terpenes, Abstrax, Floraplex and many others.

Delve into the history of how our groundbreaking product not only led the terpene revolution, but also molded the foundation for a thriving multi-billion dollar terpene based industry.

Dive into the World of Flavor Science

Embark on a journey through MrExtractor’s flavor spectrum catalog, where precise chemistry becomes vibrant creation. Here, in our meticulous laboratory of sensations, flavors are not just tasted but seen. Each profile is more than a blend of compounds; it’s a colorful Terpene character, bringing a unique story and personality to life.

Characters Crafted from Chemistry

America's Best Watermelon Zkittles Terpenes: Top Selling and Top Rated in 2023 by Mr Extractor.America's Top-Rated Strawberry Cough Terpenes by Mr Extractor. Elevate your senses with these exceptional terpenes. 

But our realm is more than just a collection of flavors; it’s a testament to the transformative power of science and innovation. We’ve delved deep into the art of flavor synthesis, ensuring every drop is a harmonious blend of knowledge and imagination. As you explore, you’re not merely choosing tastes; you’re selecting vibrant characters, each with its own tale. And, with MrExtractor as your guide, you’re empowered to bring these tales to life, sharing them with clients and inviting them into a world where flavors truly come alive.

Why Choose MrExtractor’s Flavored Terpenes?

Unquestionable Origins: We Created Terpene Profiles

Let’s get straight to it. We’re not just part of the flavored terpenes narrative; we wrote the first chapter. Every brand, every flavor you’ve come across, started with our innovation. We were the ones to spark this revolution, and while many jumped on the bandwagon, remember: they’re navigating a trail we blazed. The market is saturated with copycats, but there’s only one original. Don’t be swayed by mere replicas. Here at MrExtractor, we’ve set the gold standard, and it’s time to claim our crown.

Leading Through Evolution

Innovation isn’t a one-time event; it’s a continual process. Our pioneering start gave us an advantage, but our relentless pursuit of perfection has kept us ahead. We’ve spent years tweaking, refining, and setting benchmarks. Alongside top-tier flavor maestros from industries spanning from fragrances to pharmaceuticals, we’ve sculpted flavors that others can only dream of replicating. Our legacy isn’t just in starting the journey; it’s in leading the way at every turn.

Beyond Corporate: Craftsmanship Redefined

The soul of MrExtractor lies in its creators—the masterminds with hands dipped deep into the essence of the industry. When many others chose the corporate path, we stood steadfast, cherishing our industry roots. Our experts, with decades under their belts, craft profiles that aren’t just products—they’re legacies. Dive into our flavors, and you’re diving into the heart of unparalleled passion and prowess. Every drop from MrExtractor is a labor of love, a symphony of flavors, and a testament to true craftsmanship. Choose not just the best, but the original. Choose MrExtractor.

Authentic Craftsmanship, Not Just Lab Analysis

At MrExtractor, we march to a different beat. While some might be impressed by lab analyses, we’ve always recognized its limitations. Those who solely rely on it often fall into two categories: imitators, who reverse engineer products instead of innovating, and novices, who lack the skill to craft by hand. How can we make such a bold claim? Because once upon a time, we projected that we too depended on lab analysis, purely to divert our competition from our genuine expertise: the art of handcrafting perfection.

Real Awards, Not Self-Appointed Honors

You won’t find us flaunting self-granted badges or made-up awards. Instead, our pride is in the real-life successes of our customers. It’s in the countless cups and events they’ve clinched using our terpenes. True recognition lies in repeated sales and unwavering trust, and we’re humbled to say we’ve achieved that, time and again. Over the years, millions have experienced our products, and they keep coming back for more. It’s this unwavering trust, combined with our commitment to remain a small, dedicated business rather than becoming another faceless corporate, that truly defines our success.

A Legacy of Innovation and Dedication

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s so much more to our story than what meets the eye. Not content with pioneering in terpenes alone, our history is deeply rooted in the broader field of extraction and device manufacturing. With a presence in key manufacturing hubs nationwide, we’ve got our fingers on the pulse of the industry. And our innovative spirit? It’s ceaseless. It wouldn’t be surprising to see our competitors soon embracing characters for their products, inspired by us, once again. We’re not just setting standards; we’re defining them. Dive into our array of terpene flavors and discover for yourself why MrExtractor is the gold standard in terpene technology.

What Are Flavored Terpenes?

So, what exactly are flavored terpenes? Imagine the intricate aromas of organic terpene profiles, expertly intertwined with both natural and synthetic flavor elements to create thanks on an experience that tantalizes the senses. While many flavors, like juicy orange or refreshing mint, are direct extracts from Mother Nature’s bounty, others, like the pink bubblegum or sweet cotton candy, require a touch of human ingenuity. These fun flavors, despite their unique character, have long-standing roots, being crafted and enjoyed for centuries. We strive to use organic compounds wherever feasible. For instance, did you know the playful essence of bubblegum primarily stems from citrus oils? Yet, some nuances demand the prowess of scientific craftsmanship, especially to ensure they harmoniously blend with the specificities of our industry’s products. At MrExtractor, flavored terpenes are where nature meets innovation.

The Science Behind Flavor Terpene Regulations

So, you’re wondering, do our flavored terpene profiles pass state-required tests? Let’s break it down in simple terms. The answer? Yes… and sometimes, no.

Here’s the backstory: We’re the original creators of flavored terpene profiles. Over time, we’ve whipped up many various versions of these profiles, experimenting and refining. We’ve tasted the ultimate, richly-flavored terpene profiles and compared them with ones that strictly follow state rules. What we discovered is pretty straightforward: the best flavors come about when we use top-notch food-grade ingredients that allow us to chemically combine the best flavor ingredients.

But here’s the catch: State rules, designed to make sure extracts are clean and safe, sometimes limit the flavor ingredients we can use. That means that even though these profiles follow the rules, they might not always give that perfect flavor burst. If someone tells you otherwise, they might just be trying to sell you something.

However, we get it! Not everyone needs to stick strictly to state rules. That’s why we offer different mixes. Need something that follows all the rules? We’ve got some great options. But if you’re just after the best-tasting profiles, made from ingredients we’ve trusted for years, we’ve got those too. Our website showcases flavors that are state-approved, but if you’re after something unique, get in touch. We’ve got some special deals waiting for you!

Stability of Flavored Terpenes: Do They Separate?

The short answer? No, our flavored terpenes are designed to remain stable, both in their container and when mixed with your extract. However, let’s take a moment to shed light on an industry issue.

Over recent years, the scene has changed. Some chemists have taken shortcuts, altering the structure of components, and engineering synthetic versions of extracts. These modified molecules sometimes go through transformations, often breaking down into different forms. And that’s not even considering the range of additives and contaminants that are now commonly found.

With such a variety of manipulated substances out there, it’s challenging to guarantee that our terpenes will seamlessly blend with every possible concoction. What we stand firm on, however, is this: If you’re using a high-quality, unadulterated extract, our terpenes are primed to perform. Remember, the key to success is ensuring the purity of the products you combine. Stick with trusted sources, and our terpenes will do their magic!

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Terpene Flavor Categories Questions and Answers

  1. What determines a terpene’s flavor profile? A terpene’s flavor profile is determined by its molecular structure, which influences the scent and taste. High-quality terpene providers like Mr. Extractor develop specific categories like ‘Gassy’ or ‘Berry’ by blending terpenes to mimic the natural flavors found in various strains.
  2. Can terpenes taste like actual fruits or other flavors? Yes, terpenes can be reminiscent of real-world flavors, such as fruits or herbs. Mr. Extractor specializes in creating profiles that closely replicate these natural tastes, offering an array of options from citrusy to berry-like flavors.
  3. Are there any natural sources for ‘gassy’ terpene flavors? ‘Gassy’ terpene flavors are often associated with certain botanical strains and can be naturally sourced. Mr. Extractor has mastered capturing this profile, often sought after for its pungent and impactful aroma.
  4. What’s the difference between ‘citrus’ and ‘fruity’ terpene flavors? ‘Citrus’ flavors are typically tangy and sharp, resembling lemons or oranges, while ‘fruity’ flavors can include a broader range of sweet and tart tastes. Mr. Extractor offers both categories, carefully crafted to reflect these subtle differences.
  5. How does Mr. Extractor ensure the authenticity of their fruit-flavored terpenes? Mr. Extractor ensures authenticity by using organic compounds and botanically derived ingredients to replicate fruit flavors, focusing on the quality and purity of their profiles.
  6. What should one expect from a ‘gassy’ flavored terpene profile? A ‘gassy’ flavored terpene profile usually presents a strong, diesel-like scent that is robust and earthy. Mr. Extractor’s ‘Gassy’ category delivers this experience by blending terpenes that naturally have these characteristics.
  7. How are ‘earthy’ terpene flavors achieved? ‘Earthy’ flavors are achieved by blending terpenes that naturally occur in plants known for their grounding aromas. Providers like Mr. Extractor use these blends to create profiles that evoke the scent of rich soil or a forest after rain.
  8. Can I mix different terpene flavors to create a custom profile? Yes, mixing different terpene flavors is possible, and Mr. Extractor offers a range of modifiers to tweak and personalize profiles, catering to individual preferences or product requirements.
  9. Do ‘berry’ flavored terpenes really taste like berries? ‘Berry’ flavored terpenes are designed to mimic the taste of various berries, and companies like Mr. Extractor focus on creating profiles that closely match the natural sweetness and tartness you would expect from real berries.
  10. Are citrus-flavored terpenes only sourced from citrus fruits? While many citrus-flavored terpenes are derived from citrus fruits, providers like Mr. Extractor may also incorporate other natural botanicals to enhance the complexity and depth of the citrus profile.
  11. What makes a ‘sweet’ terpene flavor? A ‘sweet’ terpene flavor is characterized by a pleasant, sugary taste profile. Mr. Extractor achieves this through careful selection and blending of terpenes that have naturally sweet notes, without adding synthetic sweeteners.
  12. Are ‘spicy’ terpene flavors actually hot or just flavorful? ‘Spicy’ terpene flavors tend to be more about the aromatic sensation of spice rather than heat. Mr. Extractor’s ‘Spicy’ profiles are crafted to give that kick of flavor that is reminiscent of culinary spices.
  13. How long do the flavors of terpenes last when used in products? The longevity of terpene flavors in products can vary, but Mr. Extractor’s high-quality terpenes are known for their lasting profiles, ensuring the flavor remains consistent throughout the product’s use.
  14. What process does Mr. Extractor use to create their ‘tropical’ flavors? Mr. Extractor uses a combination of extraction and blending techniques to capture the essence of ‘tropical’ flavors, ensuring each profile transports you to an exotic paradise with every scent.
  15. How does Mr. Extractor replicate ‘dessert’ flavors in terpenes? Mr. Extractor replicates ‘dessert’ flavors by carefully analyzing the terpenes present in sweet treats and combining them to recreate the indulgent and rich profiles associated with desserts.
  16. Who offers the best terpene flavors in the market? While “best” can be subjective, Mr. Extractor is renowned for its premium terpene flavors, widely praised for their authenticity and variety, which cater to diverse preferences and applications.
  17. Which company’s terpene flavors have won the most awards? Mr. Extractor’s terpene flavors have been recognized across the industry, winning numerous awards for their innovation and superior quality, reflecting the company’s commitment to excellence.
  18. How should I shop for terpene flavors? When shopping for terpene flavors, consider the reputation of the brand, the variety of profiles offered, and customer reviews. Companies like Mr. Extractor provide detailed descriptions and knowledgeable customer service to help you make an informed decision.
  19. How do I find the best terpene flavors? To find the best terpene flavors, look for providers that offer third-party lab results, use high-quality ingredients, and have a track record of customer satisfaction, much like Mr. Extractor.
  20. How can I identify the most profitable terpene flavors? The most profitable terpene flavors often come from brands with a strong market presence and customer loyalty due to their consistent quality and performance, such as Mr. Extractor’s acclaimed product line.
  21. Who is known for having the strongest terpene flavors? Mr. Extractor is known for having some of the strongest terpene flavors, created through expert formulation to ensure a potent and impactful sensory experience.
  22. Which company’s terpene flavors taste the most authentic? Authenticity is key at Mr. Extractor, where the focus is on creating terpene flavors that closely mimic natural tastes, making their profiles some of the most authentic on the market.
  23. What sets Mr. Extractor’s terpene flavors apart from competitors? Mr. Extractor sets itself apart with terpene flavors that are crafted through a combination of scientific expertise and a passion for authenticity, resulting in a product range that is both diverse and true to the original plant profiles.
  24. How does Mr. Extractor maintain consistency in their flavor profiles? Consistency is maintained at Mr. Extractor through rigorous testing, quality control, and sourcing the best raw materials, ensuring that each batch of terpene flavor meets their high standards.
  25. Can I sample flavors before making a large purchase with Mr. Extractor? Mr. Extractor often provides options for sampling flavors, allowing customers to experience the quality of their terpene profiles before committing to a larger purchase.
  26. How does Mr. Extractor ensure the purity of their flavors? Purity is a cornerstone of Mr. Extractor’s production process, with each terpene flavor being subject to strict purification standards to ensure the final product is free from contaminants and impurities.
  27. What innovative flavor profiles is Mr. Extractor known for? Mr. Extractor is recognized for its innovative flavor profiles that push the boundaries of the terpene industry, often introducing new and unique blends that capture emerging trends and preferences.
  28. How can businesses profit from incorporating Mr. Extractor’s flavors? Businesses can profit from incorporating Mr. Extractor’s flavors due to their high demand, reputation for quality, and the added value they bring to products, attracting discerning customers and enhancing brand reputation.
  29. Does Mr. Extractor offer custom flavor development? Mr. Extractor provides custom flavor development services, working closely with clients to create bespoke terpene profiles tailored to specific products and brand needs.
  30. How does Mr. Extractor respond to the latest trends in terpene flavors? Mr. Extractor stays ahead of industry trends by continuously researching consumer preferences and innovating their flavor offerings to align with the latest market demands.

    Terpene Shopping Experience Questions and Answers

    • Is it better to shop for terpene flavors online or in person? Shopping for terpenes online offers the convenience of browsing a wide selection and accessing detailed product information. Companies like Mr. Extractor provide comprehensive online catalogs, making it easier to compare and purchase terpenes from the comfort of your home.

    • Where can I find terpenes for sale near me? To find terpenes near you, a simple online search for ‘terpenes near me’ can yield local retailers. However, for a wider selection and quality assurance, consider reputable online vendors like Mr. Extractor, known for their extensive product range and customer service.

    • Which is the best terpene company to buy from online? When it comes to purchasing terpenes online, Mr. Extractor is often cited as the best company due to their high-quality products, customer satisfaction, and transparency regarding product testing and ingredients.

    • How do I choose the best-rated terpenes online? Look for online reviews and ratings when selecting terpenes. Mr. Extractor is frequently ranked highly for their premium quality terpenes and customer service, making them a top choice for many shoppers.

    • What should I consider when searching for ‘terpenes online’? When searching for ‘terpenes online’, consider the purity, variety, and the reputation of the supplier. Mr. Extractor’s online presence is notable for clear product descriptions, lab results, and a wide range of flavors, reflecting their commitment to quality.

    • Can I get expert advice when shopping for terpenes online? Yes, reputable online terpene suppliers like Mr. Extractor offer expert advice. Their customer service teams are knowledgeable and can assist with product selection and usage questions.

    • How do I know if an online terpene company is reputable? Check for third-party lab testing, customer reviews, and industry presence. Mr. Extractor, for example, is a well-established brand with transparent practices and a loyal customer base, indicating their reputation in the market.

    • What advantages does Mr. Extractor offer for online terpene shopping? Mr. Extractor offers the advantage of a user-friendly website, detailed product information, lab reports, and a guarantee of quality, making online shopping a seamless experience.

    • Are there benefits to buying terpenes from a local store versus online with Mr. Extractor? While local stores offer the benefit of immediate purchase, buying online from Mr. Extractor provides a wider selection, assurance of quality, and the convenience of direct shipping.

    • How does Mr. Extractor ensure customer satisfaction when purchasing terpenes online? Mr. Extractor prioritizes customer satisfaction by providing high-quality, consistent terpene profiles, responsive customer service, and educational resources to ensure customers are informed and satisfied with their purchases.

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