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Mr Extractor's Citrus Twist Modifier: A zesty enhancer for any terpene profile.

Citrus Twist

Citric. Complex. Refreshing. Natural Freshness. That’s the Citrus Twist terpene modifier—a vibrant splash of zest in your terpene profile. This innovative gem from Mr Extractor packs the raw vitality of complex citrus strains, primed to awaken your senses. It’s your key to unlocking the natural acidic, sour notes of your profile. A few drops and voila! Your existing terpene profile morphs into a dynamic citrus symphony. A new flavor adventure that’s just a few drops away!

Regardless of your current terpene profile’s flavor or its origin, Citrus Twist has you covered. It’s time to kick your profile up a notch, infusing it with the electrifying aroma of fresh citrus notes. This is your chance to ride the wave of sensory excitement, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. With Citrus Twist, every drop is a ticket to a zesty journey of taste and aroma. Ready to experience the thrill?

Purchase this item and get 70-35000 Points - a worth of $0.70-$350.00
Purchase this item and get 70-35000 Points - a worth of $0.70-$350.00
Mr Extractor's "Fresh Paint" Terpenes: A botanically derived blend bursting with vibrant, refreshing aromas.

Fresh Paint

Gentlemen, start your nostrils! Brace yourself for the ultimate pit stop in the world of terpene profiles with Mr Extractor’s latest addition: “Fresh Paint”. This enigmatic delight, a brainchild of the folks at Seed Junky Genetics, is part of our high-octane Hype Strain Series. While its cross is as unknown as the toolset of a shade-tree mechanic, the “Fresh Paint” aroma slaps you right in the face with gassy fresh paint fumes paired with a delicate hint of confetti cake. Its flavor takes you on a victory lap, where the robust gassy notes contend with the creamy sweetness of a confetti cake. Put on your racing goggles, folks. We’re going full throttle on this one!

Let’s hit the gas and delve deeper into this scented masterpiece. Seed Junky Genetics really dropped the clutch and burned rubber with this one! Picture yourself in a vintage car restoration shop – the aroma of gassy fresh paint hanging in the air, mingled with the unexpected, yet enticing scent of a confetti cake just waiting to be devoured. You know that feeling of satisfaction when a car’s restoration is finished, and it’s ready for a sweet ride? Yeah, the flavor of “Fresh Paint” is just like that – an exhilarating ride through creamy confetti cake valleys, with the punchy gassy note at every hairpin turn. It’s eccentric, it’s offbeat, and we love it! It’s like a classic car show in your mouth, each element vying for the title of Best in Show.

With the pedal to the metal, “Fresh Paint” has raced its way to be one of the most in-demand profiles of 2023. Bringing this bad boy into your lineup is like adding a refurbished ’69 Shelby to your garage – an instant conversation starter. It allows you to ride the wave of this year’s hottest strains, while also being a respectful nod to those timeless classics. So here’s your chance to add this high-octane, off-the-wall, absolutely ravishing flavor profile to your collection, and trust us, it’s going to be a hell of a ride! We’ve got our seat belts fastened; how about you?

Purchase this item and get 70-35000 Points - a worth of $0.70-$350.00
Purchase this item and get 70-35000 Points - a worth of $0.70-$350.00
Gary Payton Terpenes: The Y-Snowman Powerhouse by Mr Extractor

Gary Payton

Bouncing into the scene with the energy of a game-winning shot is the Gary Payton Terpene Profile from Mr Extractor! Crafted in the spirit of the legendary basketball player, this profile knocks out a heavy body slam of flavor, combining the top-tier Snowman and Y Life. The scent? Imagine the potent smack of gasoline with a wily twist of burnt rubber on the finish line. Flavor-wise, we’re talking about a supremely smooth gassy experience that plays ball like no other. It’s part of the much-awaited Hype Strain Series from Mr Extractor, where every dribble counts!

Now, let’s take a time-out to appreciate the stellar breeding that has gone into this strain. These breeders aren’t just playing pick-up games; they’re in the major leagues. They’ve taken the strong, upfront punch of gas and laced it with a devilishly delightful hint of burnt rubber. The resulting aroma profile is both powerful and curiously inviting, an all-star combo if we ever saw one. And the flavor? Oh boy, it’s like gliding through the court with the grace of a seasoned pro – the kind of smoothness that makes you a perennial crowd favorite.

On the scoreboard of the most-wanted strains of 2023, the Gary Payton profile isn’t just on the list; it’s sitting pretty at the top! With this profile on your team, you’re not only bringing the buzzer-beater strains of the year but also rounding out your flavor roster with an eclectic mix of old-school classics. It’s the perfect play, guaranteed to send your fans (read: taste buds) into a frenzied ovation. So, are you ready to dribble your way to flavor victory with the Gary Payton profile? Let’s go, champ!

Purchase this item and get 70-35000 Points - a worth of $0.70-$350.00
Purchase this item and get 70-35000 Points - a worth of $0.70-$350.00
Mr Extractor's "Melted Sherb" Terpenes: Sunset Sherbet meets Gelato with sweet and cheesy hints.

Melted Sherb

Hold on to your taste buds because Mr Extractor’s Melted Sherb Terpene Profile is here to take you on a flavor-filled journey! A rich blend of Sunset Sherbert and Gelato, this profile doesn’t just hit the notes, it sings a symphony! Swirls of sweet and floral nuances mingle with surprising hints of gassy undertones, creating an aroma that’s nothing short of captivating. As for the taste? Imagine a scoop of your favorite sherbet ice cream slowly melting on your tongue, unlocking layers of sweet, tangy delights. This profile is part of the highly anticipated Hype Strain Series from Mr Extractor. Talk about an ice cream party for your senses!

The creative geniuses behind this blend, the breeders, deserve a standing ovation. The aroma is a tantalizing dance of sweet, floral, and gas notes, weaving an enchanting sensory tapestry. The flavor profile is a nostalgic trip down the lanes of creamy, melting sherbet ice cream. A lick of this flavor, and you’re transported back to hot summer days, slurping on your melting sherbet before it drips down your hand. Oh, the bliss!

Let’s not forget to mention, the Melted Sherb Terpene Profile isn’t just any strain profile; it’s the belle of the ball! Debuting as one of the most desired strain profiles of 2023, this flavor revelation will add a bold twist to your repertoire, seamlessly blending with the time-tested classics. Your flavor portfolio will have the perfect balance of the daringly new and comfortably familiar, all wrapped up in a taste that’s simply unforgettable. So, sit back, relax, and let the balanced cerebral head and body highs take you on a trip to the ice cream parlor of your dreams!

Purchase this item and get 70-35000 Points - a worth of $0.70-$350.00
Purchase this item and get 70-35000 Points - a worth of $0.70-$350.00
Mr Extractor's "Yellow Fruit Stripe" Terpenes: Packed with that Lemonchello 10 and London Pound Cake 97 punch.

Yellow Fruit Stripes

Strap on your flavor seatbelts, dear connoisseurs, for Mr Extractor’s Yellow Fruit Stripes Terpene Profile is here to rocket your palate into an all-you-can-taste nostalgia trip! This profile is a glorious mashup of Lemonchello 10 and London Pound Cake 97, offering a gustatory throwback to those coveted stripes of chewy, fruity goodness. A burst of sweet, fruity citrus aroma and a creamy, candy-like flavor that would make even Willy Wonka blush! As the latest addition to the much-celebrated Hype Strain Series from Mr Extractor, this profile is set to tingle your senses like that cherished yellow gum of yore.

Taking a moment to unwrap the second layer, the flavor masters behind this profile deserve a standing ovation. They’ve brilliantly encapsulated the exhilaration of unwrapping a fresh stick of Yellow Fruit Stripes gum. The profile’s sweet, fruity citrus aroma is like taking a nosedive into a pile of ripe, sun-kissed fruits. As for the flavor, brace yourself for a flashback to the first ecstatic bite of that creamy, fruity candy from childhood. It’s a merry-go-round of taste that whirls you around with delightful intensity.

And guess what, folks? The Yellow Fruit Stripes Terpene Profile isn’t just a sugar-rush down memory lane. It’s also been crowned as one of the most sought-after strain profiles of 2023. Sitting snugly alongside the flavor titans of the year, it’s a bold new entrant in the world of strain profiles, promising a thrilling ride for your tastebuds while also paying homage to the timeless classics. The grand upshot? A flavor portfolio so complete it’s like the juiciest gum-ball machine, only better. So, pop in a flavor stick and let the happy, social head highs roll!

Purchase this item and get 70-35000 Points - a worth of $0.70-$350.00
Purchase this item and get 70-35000 Points - a worth of $0.70-$350.00
Cereal Milk Terpenes: Sweet Milky Delight with a Cookie Touch by Mr Extractor

Cereal Milk

Don’t adjust your screens! You’re not hallucinating! Mr Extractor’s Cereal Milk Terpene Profile has milked its way into our prestigious Hype Strain Series. Born from the cosmically blissful union of Snowman and Y Life, it’s a new sensation that’s making taste buds dance around the globe. Imagine the creamiest, fruitiest bowl of cereal, left to mingle until every last droplet of milk is saturated with tooth-tingling sweetness. That’s the aroma profile we’ve got here. The flavor? It’s like diving into a creamy cloud of sugary delight. We didn’t think it was possible either, but here we are!

Let’s dive a bit deeper, shall we? We’re talking about a sensory joyride akin to mainlining Saturday morning cartoons in your PJs. The aromas are a masterstroke by the breeders, harnessing the power of olfactory nostalgia and pairing it with an undeniable creaminess and a tangy hint of unrefined horsepower. The flavors, well, they’re the pièce de résistance. They mimic that sweet, creamy residue that’s the reason you’d fight your siblings for the last drop of milk after a bowl of your favorite fruity cereal.

Mr Extractor’s Cereal Milk Terpene Profile is stirring up the market, becoming one of the most in-demand strain profiles of the year. A fresh sensation for 2023, it’s joining the ranks of both new sensations and old faithfuls in your flavor portfolio. No, we’re not messing with you. Yes, it’s really as good as it sounds. So, saddle up and get ready to give your tastebuds the experience of a lifetime. Cereal Milk is about to pour a whole new flavor into your day!

Purchase this item and get 70-35000 Points - a worth of $0.70-$350.00
Purchase this item and get 70-35000 Points - a worth of $0.70-$350.00
Mr Extractor's premium "CryBaby" Terpenes: A botanically derived blend, infused with earthy, lemon, and pine scents.


Sound the alarm! Our mad flavor scientists have unleashed a new beast in our Hype Strain Series: Meet Mr Extractor’s CryBaby Terpene Profile. Bursting onto the scene from the unorthodox coupling of Last OG and Gelato 41, this is a flavor profile that yells “I’m here, and I won’t be ignored!” Think a Diesel-soaked fruit market on steroids – that’s the aroma we’re working with here. And the flavor? Oh, buckle up, flavor adventurers. It’s a rush of sweet candy on the intake, chased by a zesty exhaust fume burnout on your tastebuds. This ain’t your grandma’s flavor profile.

Now, let’s take a moment to appreciate this audacious album of flavors. Like a remix of a Lil Peep track, it’s equal parts sweet, intense, and unapologetically bold. It’s the genius of the breeders who had the gumption to toss the rulebook and create a flavor profile that’s as rebellious as it is alluring. Oh, and did we mention the experience? It’s so comfortable and intense, it makes your couch feel like it’s hugging you.

So, why did we create this? Well, with a name like CryBaby, we couldn’t resist (huge Lil Peep fans here). Even if that’s not what it’s named after, we don’t give a rat’s posterior. We’re delighted to report that this upstart profile is turning heads and winning hearts, making it one of the most sought-after flavor profiles of 2023. It’s ready to join the ranks of both fresh faces and stalwart classics in your flavor portfolio, providing an unorthodox twist that’s sure to make your taste journey all the more interesting. Trust us, CryBaby doesn’t come to play – it comes to slay.

Purchase this item and get 70-35000 Points - a worth of $0.70-$350.00
Purchase this item and get 70-35000 Points - a worth of $0.70-$350.00
Mr Extractor's "Lemon Pepper" Terpenes: A robust blend of Lemon Pebblez and Lemon Cooler, emitting sharp lemon and peppery scents.

Lemon Pepper

Drop your spoons, folks, because we’re skipping soup and diving straight into the entree. Mr Extractor’s Lemon Pepper Terpene Profile is the peppery rebel child of Lemonnade and Pura Vida, with an aroma that’s like a lemon and a pepper shaker having a tango in your nostrils. Oh, and the flavor? Imagine a candy lemon slice that morphs into a wasabi pea on your tongue. Yes, you read that right. This flavor bomb is the latest addition to the oh-so-trendy Hype Strain Series from Mr Extractor that continues to throw the rulebook out the window and light it on fire.

The mad seed scientists at Lemonnade have concocted a profile that’s less of a terped out strain and more of a full-blown sensory adventure. With an aroma like a lemon slicing itself on a bed of nails, it’s clear that Lemon Pepper doesn’t do “subtle.” The flavor keeps the shenanigans coming, starting with a sweet lemon serenade, followed by an encore of a spicy curtain call. It’s like the lemon and pepper decided to square dance in your mouth, and your taste buds got VIP seats to the show.

And here’s the kicker – this flavor renegade has claimed its spot as one of the most wanted profiles of 2023. Mr Extractor’s Lemon Pepper Terpene Profile lets you bring the hottest and most happening flavors of this year to your collection. It’s like having the VIP pass to the flavor concert of the century, giving you the perfect blend of the rebellious newcomers and time-tested classics. With this profile, your flavor portfolio isn’t just complete, it’s kicking down the doors and screaming, “The party’s here!”

Purchase this item and get 70-35000 Points - a worth of $0.70-$350.00
Purchase this item and get 70-35000 Points - a worth of $0.70-$350.00
Helium Terpenes: Diesel-Citrus Blend with Tropical Notes by Mr Extractor


Hold onto your taste buds, folks! Mr Extractor is defying gravity with our newest profile – the Helium. A cross between Cheetah Piss and Sour Cookies (yes, you read that right), this profile is like a wildlife documentary for your palate. You’re gonna get an olfactory blast of strong gas with hints of fresh pine – it’s like a bear ran through a pine forest after a burrito binge. Then comes the flavor, a sharp, earthy, and funky gas so memorable it’ll have you telling your grandkids about it. All this is a part of our wildly craved Hype Strain Series. Buckle up, because we’re launching flavor into the stratosphere!

Ever fancied a trip down memory lane, while simultaneously catapulting into the future? Welcome to Helium. This aromatic powerhouse of strong gas and fresh pine is like a time machine for your senses, throwing you back to nature’s wonders and then fast-forwarding to an otherworldly flavor dimension. The funky gas and earthy notes smack you right in the taste buds, with a sharp edge that would make a samurai sword blush. All this thanks to our team of innovative flavor wizards who are not so much breeders, but more of terpene alchemists.

What does all this mean for you? It means that Helium is rapidly inflating into one of 2023’s most sought-after profiles. A balloon on a flavor parade, floating above the rest and refusing to come down. This juggernaut is part of a portfolio that’s as trendy as a TikTok dance and as classic as a Sinatra tune. With Mr Extractor’s Helium in your corner, you’re not just experiencing the future, you’re defining it. Get ready to elevate your flavor game, 2023! It’s going to be a wild, delicious ride!

Purchase this item and get 70-35000 Points - a worth of $0.70-$350.00
Purchase this item and get 70-35000 Points - a worth of $0.70-$350.00
Mr Extractor's "Cheetah Piss" Terpenes: A trio blend of Lemonnade, Gelato 42, and London Poundcake 97, bursting with citrus and pine.

Cheetah Piss

Step aside folks, because Mr Extractor’s Cheetah Piss is sprinting full tilt into the limelight, leaving the competition in its dust. The savagely amusing brainchild of Lemonade and the formidable duo of Gelato 42 and Wedding Cake, this terpene profile is like a symphony of sweet and funky lemon cake, ready to serenade your senses. And the flavor? Think sweet Gelato mingling with a funky, cakey finish, like a dessert chef decided to break bad. Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present you the latest in the Hype Strain Series from Mr Extractor, and boy, does it live up to the hype!

Cheetah Piss isn’t just about speed; it’s about flavor and aroma that’ll knock your socks off. Imagine biting into a lemon cake baked by a mad scientist – a wild dance of sweet and funky that has your taste buds doing the jitterbug. It’s like a dreamy dessert banquet crashed a monster truck rally, creating an explosion of flavors that leave you craving more. This is all thanks to our crafty breeders, who are so good at their job, they make Michelangelo look like he was doodling stick figures.

As far as popularity contests go, Cheetah Piss doesn’t just win, it buys the whole contest and renames it after itself. As one of the most sought-after profiles of 2023, it’s like the superstar who’s not only at the top of the charts but also invented a few new charts just for fun. The addition of Cheetah Piss to your collection will make it a medley of modern marvels and timeless classics that’d put any Hall of Fame to shame. If you’re not leading the pack with Mr Extractor’s Cheetah Piss, you’re probably still stuck at the starting line.

Purchase this item and get 70-35000 Points - a worth of $0.70-$350.00
Purchase this item and get 70-35000 Points - a worth of $0.70-$350.00
Mr Extractor's "True Doh" Terpenes: Blend of OG Kush, ChemD, and Cookie, highlighted by vanilla and earthy tones.

True Doe

Get ready to be hit square between the eyes by the sheer audacity of Mr Extractor’s True Doe, the terpene profile that makes our “competition” look like they’re playing with toy chemistry sets. The lovechild of The Truth and Chem Valley Cookies, True Doe oozes an aroma that fuses chem gas with cookie dough, like your grandmother’s kitchen somehow merged with a science lab. With flavors bouncing between earthy Pine OG and that same delectable cookie dough, you’ll feel like a woodland creature who just won a baking show. And this isn’t any run-of-the-mill profile, no siree. This trailblazer is part of the Hype Strain Series, so you know it’s ready to drop some jaws.

Picture, if you will, diving headfirst into a mound of fresh cookie dough, only to land in the heart of a forest so piney it makes Christmas trees jealous. That’s the dual-wonderland Mr Extractor’s True Doe serves up on the flavor front. The aroma, meanwhile, is like strapping a jetpack made of chem gas to your back and blasting off to a destination delicious. Our Terp Techs? They’re the Willy Wonkas of terpene profiles, crafting creations that defy logic and tickle taste buds in ways you didn’t know were possible.

As for 2023’s most-wanted list? True Doe’s mugshot is all over it. This profile is making waves faster than a cat video going viral, proving itself as one of the hottest strains of the year. It’s like the Weekend of flavor profiles, at once fresh and exciting while remaining steeped in timeless allure. With True Doe in your collection, you’ll not only have the most sought-after profiles of 2023, you’ll also be the proud owner of a flavor symphony that could bring a tear to Beethoven’s eye. Brace yourself, because with True Doe, you’re not just a part of the industry—you’re leading it.

Purchase this item and get 70-35000 Points - a worth of $0.70-$350.00
Purchase this item and get 70-35000 Points - a worth of $0.70-$350.00
Mr Extractor's standout "Berniehaha Butter" Terpenes: A botanically derived masterpiece, celebrated for its rich and buttery essence.

Berniehaha Butter

Hold onto your taste buds, people! We’ve got a wild one. Enter Mr Extractor’s Berniehaha Butter, a terpene profile that’s so indulgent, you’ll swear it’s fattening. Concocted from a mad scientist’s dream pairing of Jetfuel Gelato, Guava, Blue Cookies, and Oreoz, this blend boasts an aroma that’s like stumbling into a bakery run by hipster florists: creamy, buttery funk mixed with sweet floral and berry gas. As for the taste, imagine savoring a mouthful of buttery jasmine floral notes on the front, followed by an earthy berry gas kicker on the way out. This high-flying profile is part of our coveted Hype Strain Series. Buckle up!

Let’s take a moment to explore the flavor masterpiece that is Berniehaha Butter. It’s like an olfactory opera, a symphony for your senses, a…well, you get it. This profile doesn’t just hint at complexity – it basks in it, reveling in its own richness. Creamy, buttery funk melds with sweet floral and berry gas for an aroma that’s as intriguing as it is addictive. The flavor is equally outrageous, combining buttery jasmine floral notes with a satisfying earthy berry gas punch. All thanks to our breeders, who we can only assume are mad flavor geniuses.

Alright, let’s talk demand. If Berniehaha Butter was a stock, you’d be kicking yourself for not investing sooner. This bad boy has proven to be one of the most coveted strains of 2023, and for good reason. Pair it with our selection of timeless classics and you’ll have a flavor portfolio that’s as well-rounded as a beach ball. With Mr Extractor’s Berniehaha Butter, you’re not just keeping up with the Joneses, you’re leaving them in the dust. Eat your heart out, 2023!

Purchase this item and get 70-35000 Points - a worth of $0.70-$350.00
Purchase this item and get 70-35000 Points - a worth of $0.70-$350.00
Mr Extractor's "Otter Popz" Terpenes: Derived from Animal Mints and Gelato 41, emphasizing berry and citrus aromas.

Otter Popz

Brace yourselves flavor adventurers, we’ve just uncovered the culinary equivalent of Atlantis. Meet Mr Extractor’s Otter Popz, a terpene profile so audaciously tasty it might just defy the laws of nature. Bred from the irresistibly scrumptious duo of Ice Cream Cake and Sherb bx1, this profile showcases an aroma that would make Willy Wonka weep: sweet gas with an undercurrent of dark fruit. The flavor? A velvety earthy cherry cream, as if the cherry on top just dove into the sundae. And guess what? This confectionery concoction is part of our highly sought after Hype Strain Series. Stick that in your pipe and…well, you know the rest.

Let’s take a deep dive into this cornucopia of flavor. Otter Popz isn’t just a taste experience, it’s a journey. A magical, mystery tour through a landscape bursting with sweet gas and dark fruit aromas that waft through your senses like a gentle, gustatory breeze. And the flavor, oh the flavor. Imagine earthy cherry cream, like Mother Earth herself baked you a personal dessert. All of this thanks to our breeders at Seed Junky Genetics, who we suspect might just be undercover gourmet chefs.

As for the demand? Oh, it’s real. As real as your grandma’s love for bingo. Otter Popz has practically vaulted to the top of the 2023 popularity charts and shows no signs of slowing down. It’s part of our essential offering that spans the trending strains of the year and timeless classics, giving you a flavor portfolio so diverse it could host its own United Nations summit. With Mr Extractor’s Otter Popz, you’re not just keeping pace with the industry, you’re the one setting the pace. Get ready, 2023, your taste buds aren’t ready for this!

Purchase this item and get 70-35000 Points - a worth of $0.70-$350.00
Purchase this item and get 70-35000 Points - a worth of $0.70-$350.00
Mr Extractor's "Cap Junky" Terpenes: Alien Cookies meets Kush Mints #11, blending sour fruit with a peppery kick.

Cap Junky

Roll out the red carpet! Mr Extractor is dropping the flavor bomb of the century. Meet the famous, the legendary, the downright drool-inducing Cap Junky Terpene profile! Born from the Miracle Alien Cookies and Kush Mintz – a mix that’s about as strange and wonderful as a platypus riding a unicycle. This aromatic maestro tickles your nostrils with pungent menthol and pine, dancing with sweet and spicy melon. And the flavor? Imagine a sweet, woodsy wonderland with a menthol breeze. The cherry on top? This rockstar profile is part of the highly anticipated Hype Series from Mr Extractor. Talk about making a grand entrance!

Don’t you just love when something smells as good as it tastes? Cap Junky delivers just that. Its aroma is a cheeky mix of the woods after a heavy rain, a fresh cut melon, and a dash of your grandma’s menthol rub. Strange? Absolutely. Delicious? You bet! As for the taste, it’s like a picnic in an enchanted forest, with a dessert of sweet notes perfectly balanced with that woodsy, menthol finish. All of this comes courtesy of the genius minds at Capulator and Seed Junky Genetics. They’re like the Mozart and Beethoven of the terpene world!

Now, let’s talk popularity. If Cap Junky were a high school student, it’d be the prom queen, the star quarterback, and the class valedictorian all rolled into one. It’s been one of the hottest terpene profiles of 2023 and doesn’t show signs of slowing down. So whether you’re looking to add some contemporary flair to your timeless classics or just trying to keep up with the cool kids, the Cap Junky profile from Mr Extractor has got your back. Or your taste buds, to be more precise!

Purchase this item and get 70-35000 Points - a worth of $0.70-$350.00
Purchase this item and get 70-35000 Points - a worth of $0.70-$350.00
Mr Extractor's "Orange Punch" Terpenes: Exquisite fusion of GDP, Critical, and Orange Bud, radiating flavors of mango, orange, and pungent tones.

Orange Punch

Bob and weave because here comes “Orange Punch”—and its delivering a knockout blow of zest straight to your senses! Crafted from the fusion of Orange Bud and Granddaddy Purple, this vibrant profile packs a dual punch of Sativa energy and Indica relaxation. It’s like that thrilling rollercoaster ride that starts with a rapid ascent and settles into a gentle glide, offering you the best of both worlds.

And what about those unforgettable flavor notes? Picture this: you’re biting into a freshly peeled orange while a gentle waft of floral and earthy scents fill the air. The first punch lands with an explosive burst of citrus, as exhilarating as a splash of cold orange juice on a hot day. Followed by a floral jab that’s as graceful as a butterfly landing on a spring blossom. And just when you think you’ve caught your breath, a grounding earthy hook comes in, rounding off the profile like the last note in a symphony. It’s no wonder “Orange Punch” has enthusiasts raving; it offers a spectrum of experiences in just one profile. Choosing “Orange Punch” isn’t just a decision; it’s an invitation to a carnival of flavors. With Mr Extractor, you’re picking a profile conceived by the pioneer who made terpene profiles a thing. Ready to land a punch of zest into your life?

Utilizing state-of-the-art extraction techniques from 2023, Mr. Extractor’s Orange Punch Terpene Profile has been developed with utmost precision, reflecting an exact recreation of the original profile. This remarkable fidelity to the original has led it to be recognized as one of the top-rated terpene profiles of 2023. By incorporating this profile, consumers are given an opportunity to experience a flawless replication of the strain, adding a unique and flavorful twist to their everyday routine.

Purchase this item and get 70-35000 Points - a worth of $0.70-$350.00
Purchase this item and get 70-35000 Points - a worth of $0.70-$350.00
America's Best Watermelon Zkittles Terpenes: Top Selling and Top Rated in 2023 by Mr Extractor.

Watermelon Zkittlez

Step up to the streets where the flavor is real and the vibe is chilled, Mr Extractor’s “Watermelon Zkittlez” terpene profile rolls out like the freshest ride in the neighborhood. This isn’t just watermelon; it’s watermelon with attitude, the kind of flavor that kicks down the doors of taste with diamond-studded boots. It’s the watermelon that hustles hard, sweeter than success and dripping with the grind of summer hustle.

This profile ain’t just about the sweet life; it’s about the sweetest life. “Watermelon Zkittlez” hits the block with a bang, mixing that ripe, road-trip-ready watermelon punch with a clandestine candy kick that’ll have you seeing colors. Mr Extractor’s got the recipe down—the street-smart blend of mouth-watering melon with a back-alley burst of something extra. It’s the taste that has the neighborhood talking, the perfect hookup for those looking to flip the script on the regular.

The Watermelon Skittlez profile is a masterclass in flavor fusion, perfectly preserving the integrity of your extracts without a hint of discoloration, delivering a flawless user experience. Our compliance with state guidelines ensures a product that’s not just safe, but superior in purity, meeting the highest standards for solvents and pesticides. Yet, for those who move in spaces where state regulations don’t dictate the day’s palette, Mr. Extractor’s Legacy Line is your ticket to an unbridled flavor adventure. Unleash the true potency of Watermelon Skittlez—more robust, more authentic, and at a lower price that’s as sweet as the profile itself. For those interested in exploring the unparalleled taste and freedom of our Legacy Line, reach out to us at 80-KUSHBUD-0. Choose the unregulated excellence, indulge in a taste revolution crafted for the discerning, unconfined by boundaries.

Purchase this item and get 70-35000 Points - a worth of $0.70-$350.00
Purchase this item and get 70-35000 Points - a worth of $0.70-$350.00
Awaken your senses with Mr Extractor's top-selling Tangie Berry Terpenes. A luscious fusion of citrus and berry, this highly sought-after profile is a fruity sensation crowned as a 2023 favorite.

Tangie Berry

Hold onto your taste buds, folks, and get ready to surf the flavor wave with Mr Extractor’s “Tangie Berry!” A delightful fusion of Tangie and Berry strains, this aromatic profile bursts with cheerful energy and exuberance. Steeped in the lineage of Cali Orange and Skunk, as well as classic berry strains, “Tangie Berry” is a hybrid cocktail that exudes effervescence and balances it with a touch of serenity. Imagine the morning sun kissing a grove of ripe oranges and dew-laden berries—that’s the sunny, hybrid vibe you get here.

When it comes to the intricacies of its palate, “Tangie Berry” doesn’t disappoint. The first wave hits you like a refreshing splash of tangerine zest, a wake-up call for your senses that’s as invigorating as a morning breeze. Just when you think you’ve caught the wave, here comes a swell of succulent berries, like a berry-filled daydream swaying in a hammock under a summer sky. The experience rounds off with a subtle, earthy undertone that’s as comforting as a warm blanket on a chilly evening. So why go with “Tangie Berry” from Mr Extractor? We’re not just pioneers; we’re continual innovators, committed to bringing you vivid, multifaceted profiles like this one. With “Tangie Berry,” you get a celebration of life’s simple pleasures—a dazzling spectrum of citrus and sweetness that promises a ride you’ll want to take again and again!

Crafted with meticulous detail and the most advanced extraction methods of 2023, the Tangie Berry Profile from Mr. Extractor stands out. Not only does it faithfully recreate the sensory experience of the original profile, but it also brings the joy of flavor exploration to the forefront of your daily routine. With its delightful combination of tastes, it’s no wonder that this profile has quickly risen to become one of the top-rated terpene profiles of 2023. Enjoy the burst of flavors that is Tangie Berry, and experience how it can add a new dimension of enjoyment to your everyday life.

Purchase this item and get 70-35000 Points - a worth of $0.70-$350.00
Purchase this item and get 70-35000 Points - a worth of $0.70-$350.00
Indulge in a creamy escape with Mr Extractor's highly sought-after Gelato Terpenes. Renowned as one of 2023's best dessert profiles, this top-selling blend is a sweet treat for the senses.


Scoop up your senses and get ready for a decadent ride with Mr Extractor’s “Gelato!” This culinary-inspired gem is a harmonious blend of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet, a lineage as complex and tantalizing as the dessert it’s named after. So, are you ready to dig in? Because “Gelato” is more than a treat—it’s a connoisseur’s hybrid delight that swirls together uplifting Sativa traits with soothing Indica vibes.

Now, let’s unwrap this flavor experience like the silver spoon you’d use for your favorite Italian gelato. First up is the sweet creaminess, a luscious embrace as inviting as a patisserie window filled with artisanal desserts. Then comes a hint of fruity berry, swirling in like the first taste of a berry compote topping, leaving you wanting more. Finally, a subtle undertone of earthy mint cools down the experience, much like that final spoonful of a mint chocolate chip scoop that leaves a lasting impression.

So why choose “Gelato” for your next terpene adventure? Well, aside from our pioneering expertise and relentless creativity, this profile offers a multi-layered flavor journey worthy of a Michelin-starred dessert menu. With “Gelato,” you’re not just savoring a terpene profile, you’re indulging in an exquisite sensory experience. Mangia!

Our Gelato Terpene Profile is not just a product; it’s an experience, crafted with advanced techniques and rigorous attention to detail that 2023 has to offer. It stands as an exemplar of our commitment to replicating the sensory complexity of the original profile. Due to its exquisite blend of tastes and our relentless pursuit of quality, the Gelato Profile is recognized as one of the top-rated terpene profiles of 2023. Immerse yourself in the symphony of flavors that Gelato offers, and see how it can add a touch of luxury to your everyday life.

Purchase this item and get 70-35000 Points - a worth of $0.70-$350.00
Purchase this item and get 70-35000 Points - a worth of $0.70-$350.00
Discover the sweet, fruity charm of Mr Extractor’s “Sweet Tooth” Terpenes, setting the standard for premium quality in the terpene industry.

Sweet Tooth

Craving something indulgent? Satisfy your sensory sweet tooth with Mr Extractor’s delectable “Sweet Tooth!” This taste sensation springs from a cavalcade of flavor-rich ancestors: Afghani, Nepalese, and Hawaiian strains. It’s like a global dessert tour packed into a single, hybrid profile that’s both uplifting and comforting. A sensory sugar rush, if you will, that caters to both your Sativa cravings for inspiration and your Indica yearnings for relaxation.

Now, let’s sink our teeth into the flavors, shall we? Imagine the first bite of a homemade cookie fresh from the oven—that’s the initial warm, sugary vanilla note you’ll encounter. But wait, the treat gets richer! It melds into a caramelized delight that evokes feelings of warm apple pie on a Sunday afternoon. To complete the gastronomic journey, there’s a subtle yet distinct hint of floral notes—like the edible petal on an artisanal cupcake. Why is “Sweet Tooth” a terpene profile you should absolutely consider? Because we at Mr Extractor not only invented the terpene profile game but continue to set the standard. And just like that perfect dessert that caps off an amazing meal, “Sweet Tooth” offers an exquisite, multi-layered experience that hits all the right spots. Go ahead, indulge a little

Crafted using state-of-the-art techniques from 2023, Mr. Extractor’s Sweet Tooth Terpene Profile is a testament to our commitment to quality and authenticity. This dedication to excellence has not gone unnoticed, as it has quickly risen to prominence, recognized as one of the top-rated terpene profiles of 2023. This delightful blend not only provides an authentic representation of the original profile but also offers a unique sensory experience that can bring pleasure and tranquility into your everyday life.

Purchase this item and get 70-35000 Points - a worth of $0.70-$350.00
Purchase this item and get 70-35000 Points - a worth of $0.70-$350.00
Mr Extractor’s “Kush Mints” Terpenes showcase a refreshing blend of Bubba Kush and Animal Mints.

Kush Mints

Mint your fortune with Mr Extractor’s “Kush Mints!” Struck at the royal mint of terpene profiles, this lavish blend hails from the aristocratic lineages of Bubba Kush and Animal Mints. Consider this your exclusive invitation to the minting ceremony, where Sativa exuberance joins hands with Indica serenity to forge a hybrid so rich, it ought to have its own treasury.

Dive into this minty reserve and what do you find? First off, a cool rush of invigorating peppermint—each note as crisp as newly minted currency. But don’t stash away your senses just yet. This profile comes loaded with the complex undertones of Kush, offering a deep, earthy richness that’s as solid as gold bullion. A touch of spiciness follows, like the edge of an old coin, adding a distinguished depth to your aromatic investment.

Why opt for “Kush Mints” from Mr Extractor? We don’t just produce terpene profiles; we literally minted the industry standard. With “Kush Mints,” you’re not just making a purchase, you’re making a sound investment in a flavor profile that’s both luxurious and time-tested. Invest wisely!

Utilizing the latest extraction techniques available in 2023, Mr. Extractor’s Kush Mints Terpene Profile meticulously mirrors the complex flavor matrix of the original. This commitment to authenticity and precision has resulted in a product that stands out from the crowd. So much so, that Kush Mints has been acclaimed as one of the top-rated terpene profiles of 2023. Offering a refreshing burst of mint combined with calming earthy tones, this profile is sure to add an exciting twist to your daily routine, serving as a vibrant and relaxing addition to your day.

Purchase this item and get 70-35000 Points - a worth of $0.70-$350.00
Purchase this item and get 70-35000 Points - a worth of $0.70-$350.00
Mr Extractor's "Rainbow Belts" Terpenes: Moonbow and Zkittlez combo, echoing sweet and fruity candy notes.

Rainbow Belts

Exploding onto the scene like a neon supernova, Mr. Extractor’s Rainbow Belts Terpene Profile is a blast from the past, dialed up to a mind-melting, technicolor dream. It’s an electric boogaloo in a bottle, a profile that pops, locks, and drops an entire decade’s worth of flavor in a single hit. Born from the cosmic collision of Moonbow and Zkittlez, this Indica sensation is the candy shop of your dreams, with a groovy twist.

Cue the synthwave, because each puff is a trip down the pixelated paths of memory lane, lined with the echo of arcade games and the scent of sugar highs yet to come. This isn’t just fruit on the loop; it’s the full spectrum of earthy, sweet, and fruity notes – a veritable treasure at the end of the flavor rainbow. Remember those times when you believed each color candy had its own power? Mr. Extractor’s Rainbow Belts is here to prove you right.

So ditch the drab and embrace the fab with a profile that’s more layered than your favorite mixtape. With Mr. Extractor’s Rainbow Belts, you don’t just taste the rainbow—you ride it through the taste-bending horizons of your childhood reveries, all grown up and still ready to play. It’s time to let your senses moonwalk over the rainbow – because life’s too short for bland, and you’re here for the dazzle!

Purchase this item and get 70-35000 Points - a worth of $0.70-$350.00
Purchase this item and get 70-35000 Points - a worth of $0.70-$350.00
Mr Extractor's "Pineapple Express" Terpenes: Concoction of Trainwreck and Hawaiian, revealing bright citrus and pineapple aromas.

Pineapple Express

Get ready to have your world rocked, because Mr. Extractor’s Pineapple Express is not just a terpene profile, it’s a force of nature, supercharged by the raw power of Hawaiian God Kū himself. This isn’t just a fusion; it’s a formidable uprising of nature and science, where the might of a deity converges with the ingenuity of the modern world to create a pineapple powerhouse.

The aroma is an all-out assault of pure, unadulterated pineapple bliss, so robust and radiant it’s like the sun itself decided to vacation in your senses. It’s an aromatic juggernaut, a tidal wave of tropical intensity that sweeps through you, leaving a trail of awe and wonder in its wake. With each breath, Kū’s presence is palpable, turning what could have been just another pineapple scent into a mythic whisper of the gods.

Dive into the flavor and brace yourself for an epic journey. This isn’t just fresh pineapple; it’s the essence of the most divine, succulent fruit ever harvested, magnified to a level of intensity that defies logic. Every drop of Pineapple Express is a drop of liquid gold, a symphony of sweet, tangy brilliance crafted to dominate not just your palate, but your very conception of what pineapple can be. With Kū’s legendary essence infused in every molecule, this profile isn’t just taking over the terpene world—it’s on a crusade to enchant the taste buds of every mortal, promising a reign of delicious supremacy that’s destined to echo through the ages.

Purchase this item and get 70-30000 Points - a worth of $0.70-$300.00
Purchase this item and get 70-30000 Points - a worth of $0.70-$300.00
Mr Extractor's "Ice Cream Cake" Terpenes: A botanical blend exuding Wedding Cake and Gelato #33 vibes.

Ice Cream Cake

Roll up, roll up, terpene titans and connoisseur of covert flavors! Put on your best incognito trench coats and switch to Signal because Mr Extractor is about to expose an underground world of clandestine zest with the “Ice Cream Cake” Terpene profile. It’s a part of our Hype Strain Series, and for good reason!  No actual ice cream involved, mind you, but the tantalizing blend of creamy, herbal, nutty, and sweet flavors with a scent that smells like you’ve face-planted into a three-layered vanilla sundae on fire and will have you checking over your shoulder for the ice cream police!

Let’s talk more about this downright criminal flavor. The geniuses behind “Ice Cream Cake” are no mere ordinary ice cream van drivers, oh no. They’ve taken the essence of sweet and creamy, thrown in a dash of earthy nuttiness, and blended it all together to create an aroma that’s a whole damn street party in your nostrils. It’s as if they broke into your dreams, stole your secret love for illicit dairy products, and turned it into a taste that’s absolutely felonious. But remember, folks, no actual laws are broken in the making of this treat!

The underworld whispers and rumors are true. “Ice Cream Cake” has firmly elbowed its way onto 2023’s most-wanted list, making it one of the hottest strains of the year. It’s shimmying its way up the ranks alongside time-tested classics, adding its own dairy-infused edge to the Mr Extractor’s flavor portfolio. This is not just your run-of-the-mill flavor profile, folks. This is the forbidden ice cream experience you’ve been secretly craving. Just remember, keep one eye out for the ice cream authorities while you indulge!

Purchase this item and get 70-35000 Points - a worth of $0.70-$350.00
Purchase this item and get 70-35000 Points - a worth of $0.70-$350.00
Journey to Africa's east coast with Mr Extractor's most awarded Durban Poison Terpenes. Recognized as America's best for its pure sativa lineage, it's a top pick for those seeking an energetic pungent kick.

Durban Poison

Step right up and take a whirlwind trip to the exotic landscapes of South Africa with Mr Extractor’s “Durban Poison!” This Sativa-dominant strain hails from the bustling port city of Durban, a locale as lively and eclectic as the profile itself. Just like the city’s renowned Golden Mile beachfront, “Durban Poison” offers an invigorating experience that’s both refreshing and full of character.

Lay back and let the experience envelop you. First on the itinerary is an unexpected burst of earthy pine, as grounding and uplifting as a walk through a Durban spice market. Next, your taste buds are met with a splash of citrus, as zesty and invigorating as the South African sun. Rounding out this exceptional journey is a hint of sweet anise, adding a layer of complexity as mysterious as the dark continent itself.

Why hop aboard Mr Extractor’s flavor voyage with “Durban Poison”? Because we’re the Marco Polo of the terpene world, constantly exploring uncharted territories to bring you the most authentic and groundbreaking profiles. Remember, we didn’t follow the map; we drew it! Opt for “Durban Poison” and you’re not just choosing a terpene profile, you’re embarking on an expedition with the most experienced guide in the game. Pack your bags, your taste adventure awaits!

In 2023, Mr. Extractor’s Durban Poison Terpene Profile has gained a significant standing, not just because of its extraordinary flavor profile but also because of the attention to quality and detail in its creation process. It’s considered one of the top-rated terpene profiles of the year, a testament to its distinct flavor characteristics and the impactful sensory experiences it promises. If you’re looking for an adventurous taste journey that combines sweet and spicy tones in perfect harmony, Durban Poison is a must-try.

Purchase this item and get 70-35000 Points - a worth of $0.70-$350.00
Purchase this item and get 70-35000 Points - a worth of $0.70-$350.00